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Teamwork makes the dream work
Damir Annakuliev
Irina Kamodina
Head of Wholesale Department
Dmitry Danilov
Wholesale Manager
Liliana Vysotskaya
Head of Regional Wholesale Department
Vladimir Ilchik
Regional Wholesale Manager
Elena Lunina
Regional Wholesale Manager
Aleksey Vagner̆
Regional Wholesale Manager
Kharitonova Nadezhda
Regional Wholesale Manager
Safonova Elena
Client Relations Manager
Svetlana Konstantinova
Marketing Specialist
Chebotareva Anna
Marketing Specialist
Kostokova Anna
Chibisov Akeksey
Logistics specialist

What is GranFest?

GranFest is a leading manufacturer of composite sinks in Russia. We use eco- friendly and safe materials such as natural quartz and marble. Our production facilities utilize advanced technologies of particle filled polymer composites and cutting edge equipment. Such a combination of materials and technology as well as professional team guarantees ultimate kitchen experience and product performance for our customers.
Our products are protected with sale security feautures
Professional team
High quality products
Guaranteed quality
Cutting-edge equipment
Own design studio

Our Collections

Marble kitchen sinks presented in 6 various ranges and 12 colours, taps and accessories
Quartz kitchen sinks combining unique design and premium quality materials, taps and accessories

Certificates and awards

Our achievements

years’ experience
We constantly improve of our products
We have reliable partners all over Russia and CIS
We are recognized at international and local fairs
We regularly present new products and developments